September 22, 2017

A Brief History

The history of Fox Umbrellas began over 140 years ago. The company has since been the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. Though not the first to produce steel wire ribbing for the umbrella, Samuel Fox improved and developed the concept. In doing so, Fox Umbrellas produced the most satisfactory model for steel ribbing and changed the face of the industry entirely.

Now a globally renowned company, Fox Umbrellas has supplied their premium umbrellas to the English and Japanese Royal families, Alfred Dunhill, Turnbull & Asser, Isetan, Bloomingdales, and Barneys among many others, including the late President John F. Kennedy.

Despite the innovation in machine construction throughout the years, the process for making an umbrella at Fox Umbrellas has remained fairly unchanged. The company demands the highest quality of materials and continues to rely on skilled hand workers to meticulously craft their umbrellas, demonstrating a level of detail in quality that has become a hallmark of the company. We are now proud to offer Fox Umbrellas to our clients to help them in keeping dry and looking sharp. 

Three Styles

Aside from the lightweight and durable ribbing system, the signature feature of Fox Umbrellas is demonstrated in its wooden handle, which is made in maple, ash, whangee, and many more. The fit-up or shaft of the umbrella is produced in three different styles.


The most common method of construction is is tube construction which uses a metal tube, that is both elegant and slim.

Fox Umbrella GM1 Black Dark Grained

Fox Umbrella GM1 Black Light Grained

Fox Umbrella GT29 Dark Grey Nickle Fox


The second style is the stick umbrella, wherein the shaft is also wood fitted into the wooden handle. As such, it makes for a durable umbrella and can even be used as a walking stick.

Fox Umbrellas RGS3 Navy Whanghee

Fox Umbrellas RGS1 Bordeaux Dark Brown Gloss


Lastly, there is the solid umbrella. As the name would entail, the handle and shaft of this umbrella is one single piece of wood and comes with handmade springs. This style is widely considered the highest level of umbrella construction.

Fox Umbrellas RS5 Olive Scorched Maple

Fox Umbrellas


Handcrafted, incredibly durable, and finished with heavy duty finishes, this solid construction provides longevity for these umbrellas. Moreover, each umbrella has a spacious canopy to keep you dry during downpours. It’s one umbrella we won’t be easily forgetting in any coffee shop.

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