January 24, 2018

Wardrobe Versatility

When you begin investing in a wardrobe of high quality, stylish clothes, it's best to start with versatile pieces that will serve you well, as you build. You'll notice the topic come up, over and over, here on the B&R Journal. Start with versatile pieces to keep from getting overwhelmed as you figure things out.

Let's start with suits. We suggest a navy or grey in a four season twill or plain weave cloth. It will serve you well in any weather, and for any event from weddings to business meetings. Avoid heavy patterns initially, as this makes your suit more memorable and easier to identify as your go-to suit.

Grey Crispaire suit navy Crispaire suit

In addition to the versatile suits, we recommend a basic navy blazer for those times when an elevated casual look is required. Mix this jacket with khaki or grey chinos for a night out on the town, or pair it with your grey suit trousers for a lunch meeting with clients. Check out our guide on how to wear your navy blazer for every occasion.
navy suit jacket as a blazer
Perhaps the biggest benefit to the navy or grey suit is the ease with which an elegant outfit can be created. Make your life easier by using our matching tips to plan your weekly wardrobe. And for those special events, you can always contact your Style Consultant, or get help online.

For shirts, we start with basic whites and blues in pinpoint, broadcloth, or end-on-end cloths. For patterns, work with light to mid-blue stripes and you'll find the pairing of ties and pocket squares a breeze.

grey plain weave suit navy plain weave suit

You can apply the same philosophy to casual button downs, just change the cloth to a more casual oxford weave and for patterns, introduce gingham or plaids.

Finally, we encourage our clients to never let your shoes be an afterthought. Invest in a quality leather oxford in black or dark brown; avoid the lighter walnut or chestnut, as they will likely be too light for your suits. For your casual attire, try a loafer, or a blucher (also called a derby).

suit versatility

Make smart decisions early on and you will have a wonderful foundation to build off, as you take your journey to dressing well and discovering your personal style.

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