April 19, 2017

An interview with Kevin Salsbury, shop manager of Beckett & Robb, Denver, about the changing world of custom tailored suits for the men of Denver Colorado.

What's your background in menswear?

My background in menswear has been in men's tailored clothing, with an emphasis with luxury brands, most of which were European. My personal drive has been oriented around quality craftsmanship, which is why I always found myself within the upper echelon of brands. 

Kevin, shop manager of Beckett & Robb, DenverWhat attracted you to Beckett & Robb?

First and foremost it was the aesthetic. Then, after I was able to spend some time with Jason and Derek, it was their pursuit of quality that won me over, specifically in the materials used for all their products, the mills they've chosen to work with, and the level of construction of the garments. 

How would you describe the fine menswear scene in Denver?

Growing. For years, Denver has gone through an ebb and flow of finer menswear. With the growth of the Denver market there has grown a higher awareness of fashion and men's clothing. It's getting better and growing all the time. 

How has menswear changed in Denver in the last 10 years, and what role does custom, tailored, and made-to-measure suiting play in the change?

There has been a renaissance in men's clothing. Men are much more discriminating about what they want and are willing to spend the time and money to get something more unique and identifiable with themselves. With Beckett & Robb and some other new local brands, custom clothing is becoming more popular. Just with the access of more information through social media, men have become much more aware about what is available to them and for what price. It's a lot easier for men to do their own research and be a informed buyer. It's becoming more common to see men downtown wearing tailored suits.

In your opinion, what does Beckett & Robb provide the men of Denver that differentiates itself from other brands?

Superior service. We will go to any extent to deliver the best service to our clients. House calls, visits to businesses, you name it. It's the reason so many of my clients have become good friends over the years. Our entire business is built around the relationships with our clients, so guys can expect that our relationship with them won't end as soon as they walk out the door. Also, and this almost goes without saying, but our quality is on par with the best brands in the world. I've been in the industry for 30 years and having seen a lot of everything and I'm happy to say I can stand behind B&R's craftsmanship 100%. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to think of it as modern classic. Classic sensibilities with some modern updates.

How has Beckett & Robb influenced your personal style?

FIt. B&R has allowed me to truly refine my personal fit. Off the rack has never worked for me, so being custom made, it has allowed me to create clothing that's perfect for my build and body type.

Last question- do you have a favorite mill that you like to work with?

Loro Piana. When it comes to luxury fabrics, they're my favorite. 


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