April 01, 2019

Featured Cloth - April

For April, we selected a four season cloth, that is particularly well-suited for this month of transitional weather - Our stocked Crispaire cloth, made by the venerable English mill Holland & Sherry.

Available in Navy and Two Shades of Grey

Crispaire is one of our absolute favorite cloth bunches. It is a Super 120's Merino wool, in a traditional worsted plain weave. The cloth is made using 2-ply yarn, which gives it a firm and crisp, yet springy handle.
These properties mean that it resists wrinkles, and comes back to life quickly, making it ideal for travel-- that's why we've included it in our Traveler collection.

Sport Coat, Suit, Trouser, or Waistcoat

By now, you know us well enough that you won't be surprised to hear that another major benefit of a suit from this cloth is it's versatility. The cloth has just enough texture that you could effortlessly wear the jacket as a blazer, and the trousers with a different blazer or sport coat.

Also Available in Cut Length

Besides the three staple colors that we keep in stock, we also have the full range available to choose from. That's 60 cloths in stunning solids, checks, and stripes, for those looking for something truly unique.

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