January 30, 2019

Albert Thurston for Beckett & Robb

Did you know that Albert Thurston braces are considered to be the best in the world? They are appreciated by the most stylish men for their standard of quality and beautiful design. We're proud to have partnered with this British heritage brand to design some classic braces for you.

striped stretch braces

Why Braces?
navy striped stretch brases


Braces work by holding the waistband of your trousers in the desired spot. This allows for more room in the waistband, and a more comfortable fit-- especially if you're sitting down for much of your day. Additionally, controlling the height allows you to wear a higher rise trouser, if that's your style. Alternatively, belts simply squeeze the waistband into your body, while also being heavy enough to weigh them down. This can cause discomfort and unnecessary wear on your trouser waistband.

burgundy canvas braces

Style and Aesthetics

 Not only do braces have a fantastic classic look, they can be hidden under a jacket, and can help keep the clean, long vertical lines of your suit. Part of the reason a suit looks nice on a man, is its ability to enhance the appeal of your natural build.

 Simply put, a suit makes us look broader, taller, and leaner; slapping a belt across your midsection cuts across the vertical lines of your suit, bringing you back down to size

navy striped stretch braces with red straps

Which braces are right for you?

 Through our collaboration with Albert Thurston we've designed a collection of braces perfect for every man. Our line of braces features a variety of colors and materials. Choose the navy canvas with leather straps, for a classic formal look, or any of our stretch braces with braided straps, for a more relaxed feel and look.

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