January 15, 2019

Hestra Gloves

For most of us, there's still plenty of cold weather left before spring takes hold. We can't say enough about the fantastic products offered by Hestra. Made from supple and water resistant hairsheep leather, and lined with fine Italian wool, these gloves look great, and are extremely functional.

Pattern maker for Hestra gloves, wearing what appears to be... a cravat?

Dress Gloves or Ski Gloves?

Beckett & Robb is proud to carry 3 models of Hestra gloves, in 4 different colors. Try the dressy Jake, with beautifully smooth and glossy leather, and a stylish strap to keep the cold air out. Step outside the box with the Arthur glove, in a warm and unbelievably soft suede. Finally, have the coolest gloves on the slopes with Hestra's classic leather ski glove.

The best part? At a price range from $125 - $150, the value is unreal.

Stop into one of our shops to get your hand measured for the perfect fit, or follow the instructions on our website to order online.

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