June 01, 2017

To the average guy, a suede tassel loafer isn't considered a "must-have" shoe. To most, it appears difficult to wear, or not versatile enough to buy unless they already have several oxfords and derbies. We on the B&R team feel differently and felt it was necessary to showcase how our Suede Verona Tassel Loafer can be worn casually to dressed up.

Below we've included 4 different degrees of formality to showcase how versatile suede loafers can be when worn right. 


How to wear a suit with suede loafers

In this look, Derek gives us a great example of how a suit should be worn with suede loafers. He went with a suit that's light enough in color that it looks well balanced next to the shade of the shoes. The darker the shade of suede, the more appropriate darker colored suits look when paired together. 




How to wear a sport coat with tassel loafers

This is how you take the previous look down a notch, substituting a sport coat and trouser separates instead of a two-piece suit. A light trouser, be it white like in this example or an off-white color look very complimentary with most shades of suede loafers. And of course, when worn with a light trouser like this, it's best to wear the loafers sans socks, or with no-show socks.



How to wear jeans with suede loafers

Here's the perfect "business lunch" attire. Wearing your suede loafers with denim jeans and a sport coat is where most guys feel the most comfortable. The lighter color of our Suede Verona Tassel Loafers allow for pairing lighter colors, which is why Jesse found it easy to wear light grey socks and light wash denim. For the average guy, this look can be pulled off easily, only requiring an oxford striped shirt and a navy blazer. 



How to wear tassel loafers with shorts

Jason executes this casual look perfectly. If you're going to pair your suede loafers with shorts, take tips from how he does it. Notice how he uses only two color families, brown and blue, which keeps this casual look anchored and basic. A subtle but important detail is the button-up linen shirt, which looks very appropriate with the summery, sans socks look. He rolled up the sleeves to combat the heat, but kept the shirt tucked to match the elevated level of formality brought up by the loafers. The Apple Watch is a nice addition too.

If you don't own a pair of suede loafers, you should give them a try. They can be worn in a variety of ways with different degrees of formality.

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