February 22, 2019

Kent brushes and combs

Introducing Kent Brushes and Combs

In our constant search to bring the best products to our clients, we're very happy to introduce Kent Brushes. Based in Hertfordshire, England, Kent is the oldest manufacturer of brushes and combs in the world.

That the company has been around since 1777 is a testament to the unrivaled quality of their products. From brushes made from the highest quality wood and bristles, to their unique production process for cellulose acetate combs, Kent continues to set the standard for men's hair care.

kent products

Why Kent?

Besides the fact that these combs and brushes have a very cool, classic look to them, there is a surprising amount of technology that went into the design of these products. These products are designed with the health of your hair in mind, and healthy hair is important to good hair style.

Kent combs, for example, are hand-cut from a plant based cellulose acetate (ie. not petroleum based, so they're better for the environment), then they're hand-polished to ensure smooth bristles that won't tangle or scrape and damage your scalp.

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