February 08, 2019

loro piana spring summer cloth

Loro Piana S/S 19 Jackets and Suits Collection

We're happy to announce that the new spring/summer collection from Loro Piana is now available at all Beckett & Robb locations, as well as online made-to-order. These collections of striking cloths are unique to the Loro Piana range- they feature designs and materials that stand apart from the mill's standard cloth bunches.

This warm weather collection is full of brighter colors and patterns, but the real allure of these cloths is the interesting blends of natural fibers. Loro Piana uses these collections to play with unique blends of wool, linen, silk and cotton not only in their refined forms, but also in their raw forms, which gives the cloth truly distinguishing visual qualities.

loro piana spring summer jacket cloth


Truly Unique, Truly Limited

As with everything, there's always a drawback. In this case, as Loro Piana seeks to limit its risk with these unique cloths, these collections are only available in small quantities-- not just to us, but to ALL merchants of Loro Piana cloths.

loro piana giacche collection 

Reserve Your Cut

If you're interested in commissioning a spring/summer suit or jacket, from one of these fantastic cloths, don't wait. Once the current supply of a cloth is gone, it's gone for good. Schedule an appointment today to view the collection with your Style Consultant.

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