March 15, 2019

Rain System and Storm System by Loro Piana

Just in time to protect you from the downpours, we'd like to introduce you to the Storm System and Rain System bunches, from Loro Piana. The venerable Italian mill launched the line in 1994, after 20 years of research, and has continued to perfect these cloths.

The proprietary system uses technology to weatherproof natural raw materials, without losing the look and feel of the original material, to create the Rain System cloth. They take the process a step further for Storm System, by combining the water beading technology of Rain System, with hydrophilic membranes that are resistant to both water and wind.

Made to Measure Rain Coats

These unique cloths are great for wearing with dress clothes, and have no problem fitting in with more casual attire, but more importantly, the functionality is incredible. We cannot recommend this cloth enough, especially for our clients living in areas with frequent heavy rain (Think Seattle, San Francisco), but also for clients that live in areas that experience that special kind of biting, cold wind, that cuts right through you (Looking at you, Chicago and NYC).

Storm System and Rain System coats can be made in any of our overcoat styles (Here's our primer on topcoats:Choosing Your First Topcoat).
Click the link below to schedule an appointment for in-shop, remote MTO, or trunk show, to see these amazing cloths.

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