September 13, 2017

You already own a navy or gray suit, or maybe even both; so what’s next? Let's talk about adding a brown suit to your collection. Though we understand the hesitancy in breaking away from the basics, we can assure you that a brown suit will do just as much work as any grey suit or a navy suit currently in your wardrobe. A brown suit is a versatile year round garment that transitions perfectly from summer to fall, winter to spring. More importantly, it is different enough to garner the right kind of attention. So how do you wear a brown suit to impress at the office or special occasions? Let us walk you through the basics of the brown suit.

Different Cloth Options

Much of this decision is dictated by your circumstances, needs, and even preferences. Looking for a true workhorse for several occasions? We recommend a worsted wool much like our Brown Sharkskin Suit from Vitale Barberis Canonico. The worsted finish conveys a sense of formality and the sharkskin weave gives the cloth depth. Furthermore, worsted wool cloth will provide longevity in wear and is a close equivalent to the essential navy and grey suits already found in most wardrobes. A brown fresco wool definitely feels lighter and cooler than a worsted. Fresco cloth has a slightly porous weave that allows more airflow, if you tend to run a little warm. Moreover, the thicker fibers of the fresco help maintain a degree of wrinkle-resistance, which is incredibly handy if you have to travel with or in your suit. You also have several options in cotton or linen materials which make for a  more casual outfit. Even so, these cloths lend themselves well for lightweight summer outfits. 

brown suit
Brown Fresco Suit
brown suit
Brown cotton suit
Brown cotton suit

Go with simple accents in a pocket square, tie, and dark shoes to complete a more elegant look. Ditch the tie altogether and leave your collar unbuttoned or pair it with a solid popover for a more casual, yet still work appropriate, outfit. Dinner plans later that night? Kick off the dress shoes and opt for some loafers or even plain white sneakers for added comfort and casualness.

What shoes do I wear with a brown suit?

The first question often asked is what shoes go with what suits. Brown - much like navy and grey - lends itself to a variety of pairings. If you need a more elegant or formal look; try a pair of black oxfords. Keep the colors from your brown suit and brown shoes from matching too closely. Try a darker shade of brown for this pairing instead. Lastly, toss on a pair of suede loafers or the aforementioned white sneakers and make your outfit appropriate for any night out or even a casual day at the office.

Brown suit

Much like a grey or navy, there is incredible versatility in a brown suit. From formal to casual dress, you can find a cloth and shade for any occasion. More importantly, you'll stand out in the best of ways amidst the sea of blues and greys most common in work environments.

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