August 23, 2017

Exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality are values we espouse for all of our garments and our grenadine tie is no exception. Incredibly luxurious, yet subtle and understated, it is a piece of neckwear that will leave an impression no matter the occasion.

What is a Grenadine tie and how's it made?

Navy Grenadine Garza PiccolaRed Grenadine Tie (Garza Grossa)Navy Grenadine Garza Piccola

The production of the cloth for the grenadine tie is a time consuming one. High twisted yarns are introduced into a loom that produces an open weave, similar to silk knit ties. Such a classic technique helps create a unique texture and durable feel, rich in color and with a dry hand. The tie is then meticulously assembled by hand, as a soft interlining is laid within the to help produce an easier knot. It is then folded and hand rolled with an untipped blade that gives the tie a lighter, more relaxed feel. 

How to wear a Grenadine tie?

grenadine ties

All these details make our grenadine ties a versatile item for several occasions and are an indispensable accessory in any wardrobe. It works well as part of a tailored outfit - such a sharp navy or charcoal suit - while its relaxed nature allows for more casual pairings as well. So toss it on with a crisp oxford and some of our MTM cotton trousers for a smart casual look and make it one of your hardest working ties through the seasons. 


How to care for your tie? 

Due to the nature of the weave, we encourage you untie a Grenadine (and most ties for that matter) in the opposite manner in which you tied it. Roll up the tie to help it regain its shape, rest it on a tie rack thereafter, and be impressed when it last you for many seasons to come.


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