January 19, 2017

From the beginning we set out to build the highest quality suit possible, using only cloth from the world’s greatest European mills, at as low of a price as possible. We believe that a world-class suit shouldn’t cost $8,000. We spent years deconstructing our industry, comparing brands, construction techniques, cloth mills, and every level of the supply chain. Our research, extensive travel, and ability to work directly with cloth mills and manufacturers have shortened our supply chain significantly. This allows us to offer some of the finest custom suits in the world at extremely aggressive prices. 

As we built our production program, we sourced the finest materials, the most skilled master tailors, and the latest in pattern and cutting technology. A great suit is much more than a good fit and nice cloth. While these are very important, there are many other areas where we provide value to our clients. It’s an unfortunate reality that in the suit business – particularly in the world of custom suits – there exists a great deal of deceit. Many companies prey on the ignorant with misleading information about cloth composition, country of origin, and construction techniques. We believe in being 100% transparent. We want to educate our clients and help them make informed decisions as they invest in their wardrobe.

In this 4-part series we will break down the details of what contributes to the value (and cost) of a world-class suit.


1) Service - We consider the experience a client receives as a fundamental part of the suit buying process. We take it seriously and believe its part of what a client is paying for. Based on this core belief we have gone to great lengths to hire and train like-minded individuals (known as Style Consultants) to serve our clients. We believe that every client should have fun designing and commissioning a new suit or shirt. We believe that the process shouldn’t be overly long or cumbersome. We believe that a happy client will tell his friends. From start to finish we are dedicated to providing a first class service to all of our clients. 

2) Mentorship - A core competency of our service is providing the advice on style and dress many of our clients are seeking. We have found that most of our clients have style related questions. Questions about how to color or pattern match, which shoes are appropriate for a particular look, how to dress down a suit jacket, and hundreds of others. Our Style Consultants are experts in menswear and style and are always available to offer their ideas and insights. At the end of the day we believe that wearing a suit is about making the right impression and feeling confident. We help our clients do this every day. It’s a fundamental part of our mission as a brand. Many of our clients become repeat customers and eventually friends. We encourage them to contact us at anytime to help them. If our assistance can help someone achieve their career goals, we want to do all we can to help, even if they aren’t in the market at the moment for a new suit or shirt. You can always call; we’re here to help.

3) Fittings - One of the most important skills that our Style Consultants possess is the ability to provide a great consultation and fitting. The process is key to a great outcome. After cloth is chosen and design details are selected, we take body measurements and discuss fit preferences. With the help of fit templates, we account for other body peculiarities and give the client an initial idea for the fit and silhouette of the suit. The suit or shirt is then built in Europe and shipped to the location where the client made their order. The client is then contacted to schedule a final fitting, at which time the client tries his custom suit and shirts on and we make sure the results are ideal. It’s in everyone’s best interests to get it right the first time, and we try hard to do so. 90% of the time no additional alterations are required. However, in custom clothing making tweaks is part of the game and we always happily make adjustments for our clients as quickly as possible. In a truly bespoke process, forward fittings may take months to conclude, with changes to the pattern happening between fittings. The cost and time required are very significant. Instead of imposing extra costs and unnecessary fittings on our clients, we strive to get outstanding results without laborious and often unnecessary additional fittings by being very thorough during the measurement and initial fitting process. In the event that alterations are necessary, an additional fitting is scheduled, which should conclude the transaction assuming everyone is satisfied. We are dedicated to the total satisfaction of our clients. See the Guarantee section below.

4) Face-to-face - We believe that our business is, at it’s heart, a relationship business. Traditionally a gentleman’s tailor became an important part of any businessman’s life. We aspire to that and believe that the face-to-face part of our business will always give better results and a better experience. For our online clientele, we hold FaceTime consultations so even those clients who don't live near a physical shop can have a similar experience. 

5) Guarantee - We’re not satisfied until you are satisfied. We’re so confident that you will love your new suit or shirt that we stake our reputation on it. If you aren’t pleased with your suit, we’ll work on it until you are. How important is a reputation? We think it’s a pretty big deal. This is why our 100% satisfaction guarantee has teeth. If you aren’t happy, neither are we. And we won’t rest until you are. More than 90% of the time no final alterations are even necessary. In this business we expect to make tweaks. And in the rare event that we still haven’t gotten it right after alterations, we’ll remake your suit or shirt from scratch if need be. It’s that important to us. Because we know that if you have a great experience with B&R you are likely to tell your family and friends. And that can only mean good things for our business and reputation in the long run. The fine print: Within two weeks of receiving your finished order, if you are not thrilled with your clothing, simply return with your garment and we’ll alter it or remake it once from scratch if alterations aren’t enough. Why the two week restriction? Because while good style is timeless, an individual’s tastes may not be. Fashions change, trends change, and our clients’ desires can change. Even their weight can fluctuate. So we ask that you work with us to finalize any alterations within two weeks of delivery. Because our clothing is specially made for our clients we cannot offer cash refunds. Read our policy page here.

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