The Style Guide

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Simon Crompton, Founder of Permanent Style, and photographer Jamie Ferguson, have come together to create, 'The Style Guide'. As the founder of Permanent Style, Simon Crompton is one of the most respected menswear voices today, providing his opinion on quality makers, merchants, and his personal style. Along with Simon's commentary, Jamie Ferguson has provided some of his most beautiful photography capturing inspirational looks to help men learn and be inspired by some of today's leading menswear aficionados. 

'The Style Guide' differs than the many other style-oriented guidebooks out there. As described by the author in the beginning of the book, "...I've always disliked straightforward street-style books, principally because they have little focus on actual style. Often the subject looks good because of the lighting, the background or the composition, rather than the clothes they are wearing. And there is little discussion of why the clothes work well (if they do)."

The book was supported by Anderson & Sheppard, Begg & Co, Edward Green and Vitale Barberis Canonico. 

-188 pages
-23cm x 30cm (~9 x 12 in)