In 1925, Canclini began as part of the silk industry near Lake Como, Italy. In the 1960s the focus shifted to shirting fabrics, and in time Canclini became one of the leading mills for high quality shirtings. The procurement of the best cottons in the world begins the process, which is spun into strong, soft yarn in the perfect quality of white. Cones of yarn are then dyed before going into the warping phase, which is done on state of the art machines. Weaving then builds the fabric by adding a weft to the warp yarns, done on proprietary looms. The woven fabric is then finished through processes like bleaching, mercerizing, raising and brushing, which adds personality and shine to the fabric. From the constant research and development phase to their finished products, Canclini’s passion for textiles is evident in their designs as well as the quality and consistency of their fabrics.

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