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Loro Piana

The Loro Piana family began as wool merchants as far back as the early 1800s, and were owners of two mills by turn of the century. Loro Piana the company was organized in 1924. Headquartered in Quarona, northern Italy, the company produces some of the finest and most sought after cloths in the world. The meticulous attention to detail from the earliest stages of their production process is legendary. Loro Piana controls each stage of their process to ensure their quality standards are upheld. Perusing their broad range of cloth options demonstrates why they’re regarded as the high standard in the industry for excellence.

Simply put, Loro Piana is top to bottom the finest maker of woolen suit fabric in the world. The company originated from the Loro Piana family of Trivero, in the early 1800’s and its modern form was established by son Pietro in 1924 when the company was relocated to Valsesia and by 1940, his son Franco had moved the Loro Piana name into the international market. In a short time the company had established a reputation as supplier of fabrics for the post-war phenomenon known as “haute couture”.

Loro Piana has developed one of the largest supply networks of raw materials for their fabrics, ranging from the highest quality Cashmere from China and Mongolia, where they developed Baby Cashmere, to the high meadows of the Andes, reaching suppliers of hair from the rare vicuna, and finally the pastures of New Zealand and Australia, where they are the world’s largest buyer of merino wool.

These fine materials are then shipped to Loro Piana’s workshops in Italy to be woven into some of the highest quality textiles in the world, and then sold to premier suit makers such as Beckett & Robb for wear by the most discerning clients. We highly recommend their luxurious, heavy weight flannels and magnificent cashmere jacketing.

Amazed that we can offer Loro Piana for just $995? So are we! We sell so much Loro Piana cloth that we have been able to create a deeper partnership with this storied mill. This agreement has allowed us to purchase a private selection of their amazing cloth, produced especially for Beckett & Robb, at a much lower price than normal. We've passed this savings along to you, our client. Loro Piana cloth is available both in stores and on our online store. Requests for online custom orders using Loro Piana cloth can be made here by submitting our online custom request form.

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