We’re obsessive about making the best quality made-to-measure suits in the world. We know, however, that a well-made suit is only useful so long as it fits well. Indeed, a well-fitting suit can be more flattering than a superiorly made suit, if the latter doesn’t fit as it should. This is why fit is king, and this is why we’re equally fastidious about the art of fit. We know that when both a high-quality make and great fit combine, the suit becomes truly elegant, and a joy to wear. The goal of our made-to-measure service is to achieve these results for each client, and we don’t stop until the client and we agree that we’re there.

Our made-to-measure program uses patterns that serve as a starting point for fit.  These patterns are embodied in a set of master garments, which we use as try-on suits. After some body measurements are taken to find the master garment that best approximates good fit in the shoulders and chest, we begin our process. The fitter/style consultant goes through each area from top to bottom, making improvements to the pattern for the client’s body type and preferences from top to bottom.

Our definition of a good fit is neither slim nor overbuilt. It is simply a properly fit suit built around the individual.

To achieve this end, our made-to-measure service puts the client at the center of the experience. We take measurements, address posture, shoulder slope, asymmetries, balance, and other nuances that are difficult (or impossible) to capture by measurements alone. But this is only half of the equation. Equally important is the feedback from the client about his wardrobe needs, previous frustrations about fit, and aesthetic goals. The garment provides a context for a dialogue between the style consultant and the client regarding fit preferences, which can now be done objectively, rather than by using subjective descriptions that are easy to misinterpret. This ensures that before the client’s suit is cut, we know we’re aligned in our goals for the finished product.

At B&R we know that a beautifully made suit needs an impeccable fit to accompany it. We invest the time into intensive initial training, and subsequent ongoing training, for each of our fitters. This is because a good fit doesn’t have one right answer. We create clothing tailored for and around the individual—his unique proportions, his preferences, and his lifestyle.


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