Made-To-Order Service

The Beckett & Robb Made-to-Order Service is not like other MTO programs. It's a perfect mirroring of our in-shop experience and allows for complete control over fit, cloth selection, and design preferences for every custom garment commissioned. Most importantly, our Made-to-Order Service allows us to have face-to-face relationships with our clients from all around the world as you would if you had walked into one of our shops. 

With thousands of cloths in our library, all from the most renowned mills in the world, we carry every pattern, color, and cloth weight imaginable. You can browse our in-house stock collection online or if you're looking for something else, we will look through our cloth library and send pictures and swatches to you.

Online made-to-measure custom suit

After we've identified the cloth you would like to commission we will send you our made-to-measure fitting templates for the first fitting. Once received, it's time for the first fitting video call with our tailors (via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype). Just as in our shops, we will discuss every aspect of the pattern, including advanced pattern complexities such as balance, posture, sleeve pitch, shoulder height, collar roll, and much more. Generally taking 45-60 minutes for the first fitting video call, we will also discuss the design of the garment- the type of construction, lapels, pockets, collars, cuffs, etc. 

Online made-to-measure custom suit

For the next 4-6 weeks we create your pattern and custom garment. After receiving your cloth from the mill (if we don't already have it stocked) our pattern maker creates your unique pattern. After moving to the cutting room, the cloth is laid out on a large table and laser cut following the digital pattern precisely. Next the garment is constructed using a combination of machine and hand work. Machine work is used for seams and in places where it mimics hand work so closely that the results are nearly the same, while handwork is used where it continues to be advantageous to the finished product, such as setting the sleeve and attaching the collar. Once finished it's pressed and shaped so that the drape will mirror the body of the wearer. (Read more in depth about our level of craftsmanship here.) 

Online made-to-measure custom suit

With the garment complete, we will hold another video call fitting. We will review all of the decisions we made during the first fitting and will discuss the fit of the finished garment. This is our client's favorite part! We will make sure it fits perfectly and if there is anything that should be corrected, we'll correct it until it is perfect. Lastly we will note any additional changes that have been made to your pattern, so future orders will fit perfectly. With your pattern saved on file, future orders can be made with a simple email or phone call. 

Online made-to-measure custom suit



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